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Riviera Maya Grip: Lighting, Grip & Electric + Studio


Riviera Maya Grip: Lighting, Grip & Electric + Studio



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About Us

Adair and Noel


We rent, light, gaff, grip, invent, fix, produce, fabricate, permit and manage - and we have a pretty good idea when to lead, follow or get out of the way. Tight budget? Bring it, we'll make it sing.  Our clientes include Netflix, Hallmark, Paramount, Sony, Discovery, PBS/NOVA, Nat Geo, MTV, North6, H&M, Google and more. This photo? Two really tired people complete fabbing out a trick changing booth for Chris Hensley on The Illusionists Tour. 



Cinemills Sufas, Arri Skypanels, Lupo Superpanels, Litepanels, HMIs from Jokers to Alpha's and massive Pro Grip & Electric rentals right here in Puerto Morelos. From a single C-Stand to an 8 Ton Package, we're ready. We have better than USA prices on state of the art equipment. On the set with Dopamine Productions.


Toh toting!  RMG has complete Production Rentals from Chairs to Z Racks and Hondas

Toh Totes! Director's Chairs, Magliners, Tables, Z & Folding Racks, Coolers, Jiffy Steamers, Beach Carts, Pop Up Tents, Honda & Crawford Generators and Event Distro. We rent to big & little productions. On the Set with Hallmark Productions.



Riviera Maya Grip serves Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, the Yucatan, Chiapas, Huatulco, Los Cabos and Central America's Belize & Honduras.  I founded Riviera Maya Grip in 2000 to be the only professional motion production services provider east of Mexico City (2,500km).  

As a gaffer, writer and producer Partner Noel Zisa, film lover many times over handles production permitting / locations and most importantly of all, production accounting. 

We know how to light, fix, produce, build, permit and manage - and we have learned when to lead, follow or get out of the way.

RMG provides producers and productions of all sizes with:

  • Lighting, Grip and Electric
  • Production Rentals
  • Grip Trucks
  • Art, DIT and Production Trailers
  • Power Generation & Solutions
  • Bi-lingual, drug/drama free crew
  • DIT, HM/U & Stylists
  • AC, Focus & Photo Assists
  • Brilliant PA's
  • Permitting, on and off shore
  • Fixing, on and off shore
  • Creative Technical Solutions
  • Lighting Design for Realities
  • Production Packages for Realities
  • Eons of insider know how 
  • Art Department tools + crew

Riviera Maya Grip builds production equipment and solutions. 

We are especially proud to provide drama free and positive life style choice Crew in the Riviera Maya! Our bi-lingual colleagues are the best of the best providers, all experienced with USA/CAN and EUR Crew workflows.

Southern Mexico's Largest Professional Lighting & Grip


Professional Hi CRI LED Production Lighting:  3@ Sufa Bullet 800's w/ dimmers from Cinemills (4k HMI equivalent), Arri s60 and s120 Skypanels, 6@Lupo 1x1 panels - bicolor dimming Joker 400 equivalent at 22k lumens punchier than Astra 6x, 3@Lupo's rgbW s30 1x1's and the 6k tungsten equivalent bi-color Sumo Space. LED Mactech Kinos. DOP, Chimera and Airbox Softboxes for everything. 

HMI's from the Alpha 18k to 200w, Jolekos, Jokers, Powergems ballasts.

Kinos w/Power Gems dimming ballasts + Baird&McCallisters' MacTech LED bi-color Kinos - 40% punchier. 

Tungsten from MaxiBrutes to Peppers. 10 & 6k dimmers for the bigger stuff.

Profotos, Chimeras, VESTA, Hyperjuice Pocket and Air Wizards & Sunbounce for Stills from our friends at VelvetEye.

Massive, Total Grip support. Crankos to baby C-stands, bags, boxes, clamps, textiles and frames, flags, solids, bounce, mirror and CLRS bounce, floppies and custom bits and pieces for municipal, beach, jungle and U/W production. 4x4 Grip Golf Cart, 4x4 Trucks and a 'train o' grip carts' for hotel productions. 

Camera movement with Dana Dollies, TrostMotion Slider, modified MSE Doorway and Egripment Dinky Dollies, Trovato and ABC Products Jib/Cranes, Movi, Ronin, Steadicam, Panavision and Panther Track (straights & curves), Car Mounts, custom Camera Truck. 

Stage Truss & Rigging

Cenote Light and Diver Support Structures w/rigging

12" Prolyte w/ Bases and Corners 

Slings, Pulleys, Decks and Legs

Super Fast Riggers and Pushers

Production rentals & Smart Power Solutions

RMG's Mack MS3 Truck with Crawford/Dadco E&E 800A Three Phase Silent Film Generator.

  • Production Rentals
  • Magliners
  • Z Racks & Hangers
  • Jiffy Steamers
  • Igloo and Coleman Coolers
  • Pop Up Tents
  • Beach Carts
  • Production Carts
  • Umbrellas
  • Radios
  • Honda Generators 
  • Laser Printers
  • Folding Tables and Chairs

  • Power Solutions:
  • Industry Standard Mack MS3 Truck Mount Crawford/Dadco E&E 800A Silent Film Generator
  • 6@ Honda eu2000i (2kw) Generators
  • Yamaha 13kw diesel 3 phase 120v base camp generator
  • Deutz 60kva Jungle Genie w/CGFI for Hydroflex/Underwater work
  • Custom Hotel Taps in Bates 220v/120v|100A & 60A for speed and safety
  • Distro from 60 to 600A
  • Custom 120/220v Distro Systems
  • Bates 100A & 60A Whips
  • Bates 220v Whips
  • Custom GFCI systems

We are the only Production Electricians east of Mexico City. Seriously. Keep your crew, set and equipment safe with Riviera Maya Grip and please ensure your LG crew's abilities prior to getting them to set. 

A couple of Realities and Series shot in the market have suffered from self anointed Gaffers' that have repeatedly proved they don't know the difference between 220v and 120v on a generator tie-in or the importance of a good solid ground on the beach, in the jungle. The loss of equipment, time and risk just don't justify the savings in each of these cases.

The Deets

Pro Led Lighting


  • Arri Skypanels in s120 and s60
  • Lupo SuperColor rgbW s30's
  • Sufa Bullet 800's (4k HMI equivalent)
  • Lupo SuperPanels bicolor(400w Joker equivalents), 
  • LitePanel 1x1's, 
  • LED Lekos and more. 
  • Rosco Litepads
  • MacTech Kino BiColor LED's
  • SumoSpace BiColor w Dome and Target

HMI Lighting


  • K5600's Alpha 18k/12k w/modified Powergems ballast at 300hz for 18/12/9/6k LTM and Arri Fixtures
  • MR, LTM, DN Labs & Desisti 6k's 
  • Cinemills and Desisiti 4k's/2.5k's
  • Desisti & Joker 1.2k's
  • Joker 800w & 400w w/Joleko adapters
  • Pocket Pars
  • Goyas en 4k & 2.5k

Power Generation


  • Mack MS3 Truck Based Crawford 800A 125kw three phase generator. Super compact, quiet and manuverable at 18'. 
  • Honda eu6500i w/jewelry
  • Honda eu2000i's
  • Yamaha Diesel 3 phase Base Camp
  • Tow In Generators from 60A to 250A
  • Full compliment of Cable & Distro
  • Professional Smart Crew

Production Rentals


  • Director's Chairs
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Turnkey Production Office with tables, chairs, printers and an espresso machine.
  • Coolers from teeny to cadaver size. 
  • Beach Carts
  • Magliners
  • Production Vans & Sprinters

Cable and Distro


  • 1000' of 4/0 5 wide
  • 1000' of banded
  • 1000' of Bates 100A
  • 1000' of Bates 60A
  • MSE, MR and American Distro
  • Lunch and Snack Boxes
  • GFCI's and Big Dimmers
  • Adair is an electrician

Truss and rigging


  • We design and build for Film, Stills, Stage and Events. 
  • Riviera Maya Grip uses certified riggers to make the more difficult happen safely. 
  • Trusted by clients from ZDF to Cloud9 to National Geographic to BBC.

The Trucks, etc.

LED STILLS/Digi VAN 'Lucy' 2.5 Ton


Lucy is a slimmed down digital package with all our LED's on board or customized for Stills Production as you like. Good looking, fast and fits in a standard van slot. 

3.5 Ton Grip PKG 'Bender'


Bender is a classic 3.5 Ton package with jockey boxes, racked and stacked with everything you need for a 4-7 day hotel or segment shoot. 

1 Ton Cargo and Trailer 'Leela'


On her way to serve Los Cabos with the 6x10 DIT Trailer - Solar and Onan powered with AC!

Chato 8 Ton Package


Chato, a Volvo FE6 with a sleeper is the on the road choice for Feature and bigger commercial production. This 8 Ton package is customized to your needs. 

Moche, Camera and Utility


Air suspension, a 5.7l diesel with trays, speedrail starters and lots of attachment points most recently rigged for the ZTao Beggar video where Steve Bagnara chased a Ferrari 308GTB around a track all day. 

OFF Road


We are blessed with lots of dirt roads, way off the track cenotes and locations, and a PFT Toyota Xtra Cab 4x4 and a Mitsubishi Turbo Diesel L200 4x4. Plus a Club Car XRT 1550, so if you want to get squirrelly, we're ready. 

Lighting, Grip & Electric

RMG Grip Trucks & Packages


Our 3.5 Ton Packages

This weight/size class does not require permitting. Fits in tight hotels and jungle. Infinitely customizable with the package that suits your needs. As sole owners we can make solid deals -- and gifts for social value productions. 

3.5 Ton Grip Truck 'Lucy'. A 2007 version of Bender, 6.6L Turbo diesel is with a wicked LED package. Three Sufa Bullet 800's w/dimmers, Arris Skypanel s120 and s60, SumoSpace, 6@Lupo Super Panels (22k Lumens is 7x brighter than an Astra), 3@Lupo's new Color rgbW 1x1's and MacTech Led Fatmen, Skinny Men and Fatboy bi-color dimming LED's. With a 3 Ton grip package plus carts. Lucy is fast and comfortable for long distance work in Chiapas or Los Cabos.

3.5 Ton Grip Truck 'Bender'. Ideally sized for heavier 'run and gun', this diesel GMC Cube Truck carries a full Grip Package, two magliners and a Basic Tungsten & Kino Package. LED's, HMI's a la carte

8 Ton Grip Truck 'Chato'. With a 2.5 ton lift gate this diesel Volvo FE6 Straight Truck is packed with production carts and your lighting compliment. Racked, the truck carries all size stands including 26 C-Stands, 12 Jr's & Combos, 3 Crankos, 50 25# bags, boxes, rags from 12x down, 500' 2/0 & 4/0 feeder, 200' @ Bates 60A & 100A whips, MSE & Custom 120/220v Distro, a fat Tungsten & Kino Package, Egripment Dinky Dolly & track. Just add the LED's and HMI's you need as a package or 'off the truck'. Bigger shoots such as Hallmark Channel's 'Sun Sand and Romance, locally produced by RMG and 3 Season's of Antenna TV's 'Cassado a la Primera Vista'

1 Ton Grip Truck 'Leela'. Packed as you need, this GMC G3500e Cargo Van doubles as a Camera Transpo Truck up to 2500lbs with a modified suspension. We usually pack Leela with a basic package of LGE and a magliner for interviews and smaller 'run & guns'. 

Moche, Camera and Tow Vehicle 

Most recently chasing a Ferrari 308GTB with Steve Bagnara at the wheel for Ztao's Beggar Video, Moche is a chopped flat bed diesel G3500 van with a roof deck and Speed Rail Starters, Front or Rear Aprons. Air suspension. Crazy tough. 

Moulder, 18' Toy Hauler Trailer

Ramped, two phase power, solar powered LED Lighting with available portable AC, this trailer works as an HMU/Wardrobe/Production Office or Art Department. Ex on the Beach 3, produced by RMG used this as an Art Department Trailer for the build out

Camello (Camel), 6x10'  Trailer

Ramped, Onan single phase 4k genset or Base Camp powered two phase, solar powered LED Lighting with available portable AC, this trailer works mainly as an Air Conditioned DIT/Camera cabin, but also doubles as an HMU/ Wardrobe/ Production Office/ Art Department/ Mini Grip Truck. We also pre-pack for  Stills shoots so productions have a simple locking and 'clean' location for equipment. 

Club Cart xrt 1550's. A Gas Powered 4x4 Cart for Hotel, Jungle & Beach work with our Equipment Carts to make a gear hauling mini train. 

As Owner/Operators we can set prices that work for you. We are FATCA compliant and a Mexican Corporation with 3rd party, production and medical insurance on our vehicles, equipment and crew. Our AICP membership application has just been filed so we can bring Standards and Practices to our market in 2018. We believe in S&P to keep our industry moving forward safely and for quality assurance for our clients. 

LED Lighting Equipment

Efra and Gary Gary rocking out a pair of Sufa Bullet 800's, Skypanels, Lupo Super and Color s30s.

LED Lighting

  • 3 @ Sufa Bullet 800's w/dimmers, 4k HMI Par equivalent. 12k of light you can run off wall sockets.
  • 1 @ Arri Skypanel s60 w/chimera, wifi control 
  • 1 @ s120 Arri Skypanel w/chimera, wifi control
  • Sumo Space 6k Tungsten equivalent bicolor, dimming, wifi, softboxed and domed
  • 6 @ Lupo Superpanel Bi Color Dimming 22,000 lumen LED, V or AB Mount
  • 3 @ Lupo Super Color (think Skypanel s30 that runs on single battery. 100 lumen difference) rgbW Soft LED, V or AB Mount
  • 3 @ Litepanels LS Bi Color Dimming 1x1's
  • MacTech Baird/McCallister LED Kino, hi CRI, Fatman, FatBoy and Skinny Boy, bicolor and dimming.
  • Rosco Light Panel 24” x 24” Daylight HO
  • Rosco Light Panel 6 x 12” Daylight HO w/Dimmer (1@)
  • Rosco Light Panel 6 x 6” Daylight HO w/Dimmer (1@)
  • Rosco Light Panel 6 x 3” Daylight HO w/Dimmer (1@)
  • Rosco Light Panel 3” ‘Dot’ Daylight HO w/Dimmer (2@)
  • Rosco 12v car adapter, 110v to 12v power supply and egripment.
  • LiteMats in 2x4, 1x4 formats
  • 25 Phillips Hues and hubs  - great reality lighting solutions
  • 12v Inverters and big battery solutions for vehicle & boat interiors

HMI Lighting

  • 1@ K5600 Alpha 18/12k w/custom Hi Speed Power Gems Ballast
  • 1@ Desisti 12k Fresnel FF & Mag Ballast 220v w/Bates 220v
  • 1@ LTM 6k/12k Par FF (LTM, Power Gems & Power to Light) & Mag Ballast 220v w/Camlock
  • 1@ DN Labs 6k Par Tailed to w/custom Hi Speed Power Gems Ballast + Mag Ballast 220v w/100A Bates
  • 1@ MOLE 6k Par Power to Light Ballast & 'Tail' to w/custom Hi Speed Power Gems Ballast or Power to Light Ballast 220v w/100A Bates
  • 2 @ Desisti 6k Par Desisti FF & Mag Ballast 220v w/100A Bates
  • 4 @ Desisti Par 4k/2.5k Powergems & Mag Ballast
  • 2 @ Cinemills 2.5k Par Powergems & Mag Ballast 220v or 110v w/60A Bates
  • 1 @ Desisti 2.5k Fresnel FF 110v Ballast w/60A Bates
  • 1 @ Desisti 2.5k Goya @ FF & Mag Ballast w/60A Bates
  • 2 @ DN Labs Par 1200 Mag Ballasts 110v Edison
  • 4 @ Desisti Par 1200 FF & Mag Ballasts 110v w/Edison
  • 2 @ Joker Bug 800w 110v w/Edison
  • 2 @ Joker Bug 400w 110v w/Edison
  • 1 @ Joleko w K5600 Adapter to 800w
  • 1 @ Joleko w K5600 Adapter to 400w
  • 2@ Desisti 575w Fresnel w/FF Ballast
  • 1 @ LTM 200w Fresnel w/FF Ballast
  • 1 @ LTM 200w Par w/FF Ballast
  • 1 @ Arri 200w Par w/FF Ballast
  • Chimera China Balls (2@), Pancake (1@) & Box (1@) with speed rings for all Jokers

KINO Lighting

  • 1 @ Kino Flathead 80 w/ Power Gems dimming ballasts
  • 6 @ Kino Fat Men
  • 1@ HiCRI MacTech LED bicolor, dimming Fat Man
  • 6 @ Kino Skinny Men
  • 1@ HiCRI MacTech LED bicolor, dimming Skinny Man
  • 2 @ Kino Fat Boys
  • 1@ HiCRI MacTech LED bicolor, dimming Fat Boy
  • 2 @ Kino Skinny Boys
  • 1 @ Kino Mega (1@ 6’ x 2 tube)
  • 2 @ Power Gems 4x4 Dimming Ballasts 
  • 2 @ Flo 4x4 Dimming Ballasts
  • Kino 2’ & 4’ Single Tube Ballasts
  • 35 @ Encapsulite 4’ 3200k Self Ballast Kino - great reality lighting
  • 35 @ Encapsulite 4’ 5600k Self Ballast Kino - great reality lighting
  • Kino Flo Dimmable/Flickerable Duo Ballasts (3 @) Can be pigtailed from single power source or Magic Gadgets Flicker/Dimmer Box
  • Kino Interview Kit (2 @ 2’x2 tube, 2 @ 2’x4 tube)
  • Kino Micro 12v in Tungsten and Daylight (2 @ Daylight and 2 @ Tungsten Temperatures) 
  • Stick Up 10” Lights for car or like low light interiors in 3200k
  • Tubes available in tungsten in daylight.

Tungsten Lighting

  • 1 @ Skypan 10k & 5k
  • 4 @ 6k Source Lights
  • 5 @ Maxibrute 6k 6 lights 
  • 1 @ 10k Desisti Fresnel
  • 4 @ 5k Desisti Fresnel
  • 1 @ 5k Desisti Shadow Goya 
  • 5 @ 2k Desisti Fresnel 
  • 10 @ 1k Desisti Fresnel 
  • 4 @ Color Trans Queenies 1k Pars 
  • 12 @ LTM, Arri or Arri Clone 650w Fresnel 
  • 6 @ LTM, Arri or Arri Clone 300w Fresnel 
  • 6 @ LTM, Arri or Arri Clone 150w Fresnel 
  • 1 @ Arri 650w Kit
  • 1 @ Arri 650w/300w Kit
  • 1 @ Arri/LTM Pepper Kit
  • 4 @ 800w Redhead Open Face 
  • 12 @ Lowell iLight 150w 
  • Westcott Spiderlite with China Ball and Chimera Mount
  • Chimera 1k Speedring/China Balls in 20" & 30"
  • Custom Source/Space 1/2k Tungsten Mogul w/Diffusion& Black Panels, like mini 'Space'. Can be adapted to Joker Bug.
  • Covered Wagons to order - great reality lighting with Phillips Hue Lamps
  • Dimmers in 10k, 6k, 2.5k, 1k & 650w

Chimera China Balls, Pancakes & Boxes with speed rings for 2k, 1K, V-lights. Chimera speed ring adapter for boxes to C-stand mount for lights with 10” diameter.

Find out more

Camera Support


  • Egripment Dinky Dolly 4 way steer and MSE Doorway Dolly 2 wheel steer with Bazooka and Soft/Hard wheels, Centipede and seat options

  • Trost Slider w 100m and 50mm slides, 100mm bowl/Mitchell mount on heavy Manfrotto Sticks

  • Dana Dolly, 4’ and 9’ slides with adapters, the MSE Doorway will carry the Dana Dolly atop the push bars for very fast hotel production.

  • Car Mountage: 3 Cup Filmtools, 4 Cup Hostess Tray, MSE Hostess Tray, Speed Rail Hood Mount, MSE Speedrail Car Mount

  • A Camera Truck studded with speedrail starters, fore/aft trays, steadi mounts, a Bay Window and AC.

  • Trovato 36” Jib with Mitchell mount base adapted to our Dollies.

  • ‘Speedy 6’ meter crane (up to 14 lbs camera) w/ Varizoom MC100 Hothead (for cameras up to 12.5 lbs) on Peter Lessand Sticks - and adapted to Ronin

  • Custom Camera Chariot for running and walking scenes (for hard mount steadi cam or bungee rig)

  • Track: 3 @ 3m straight Panavision Stainless Steel MOY track, 5 @ 3m straight Panther Stainless Track MOY track, 3 @ 3m curves in Panther Stainless Track, PCV in 6m lengths

  • Wedges, Blocks, Elephants & Paganinis, 4x4” Cribbage

  • Mini Floppies for Monitors
  • DIT B/W 4x4' Flags

  • Magliner Tents

Silent Power Generation


  • The Industry Standard:  E&E  Crawford/DADCO 800A 3 phase  120v super silent, triple camlock, Bates 220v, Hubble Twist 220v Bates 60A, and Edison Courtesies with full distro from 60 to 600A. USB ports optional.

    Mounted on a  custom built 18' Mack MS3 Turbo Diesel Midliner (1 foot shorter than a 12 pax van) this truck is very agile will squeeze into the tiniest spaces. Previously owned by Feature Systems NYC; restored ground up.

    Distro for film production, MSE and Mole 60A to 600A with #8AWG for LED sets, #2 Banded 5 wire, 4/0 & 2/0. Approx. 1000' cable & crossovers. Event and Basecamp Square D to Camlok distro w/grounds.

    Fuel storage  150 to 225 gals. diesel tankage options.  

    6 @ Honda eu Series Silent Generators from 2000w to 6500w. Parallel cabling and GFCI modification with custom production jewelry for small productions or LED sets.

  • Yamaha ED13000 Diesel 3 Phase Portable Power w/customs production jewelry, Base Camp or MOS shoots.

  • Additional Tow In and Truck Mount Power from 40kw to 255kw.

  • Approximately 2 miles of 3/12 and 3/10 Stingers in skinny and fat 25's, 50's and 100's.

  • Bates whips for 220v/100A, 120v/100A & 60A in 100', 50' and 25' lengths.

  • A complete selection of camlock, tie ins, tweeco tie ins, Bates connections, tricks and adapters.  

  • We are electricians for the production industry. Free consultation  for your reality or film set.




  •  Crankovators, Chain Type
  • Avenger Crank Stands
  • MiniVators
  • Hi Rollers by MSE, Norms
  • Med Rollers MSE, Norms, Hollywood Stage
  • Hi Hi Walkers 
  • 4-Riser Combos by MSE, Norms, Hollywood Stage 
  • 2, 3 & 4 Riser Juniors
  • Centuries by MSE, Avenger, Norms & American Grip 
  • Kit Stands

Attachments & Clampage

  • Scissor Clips (6 @)
  • Baby Plates (10 @)
  • Receiver Plates (4 @)
  • Jorgenson C-Clamps 
  • Gaffer Clamps 
  • Gator Clamps
  • Spring Clamps 
  • Super Clamps 
  • 6” Plank to Receiver Holder
  • 4” Plank to Receiver Holder
  • 4” Crowder/Hanger w/Receiver and Baby Pin
  • 4” Crowder/Hanger w/Receiver (4@)
  • A-Clamps Large, Medium and Small
  • J Hooks
  • Snap In Pins

Flags & Overheads

  • Frames and rags for 6x, 8x,12x & 20x (tricky here with our wind) in Full Silk, Single Black and Solid Black, Muslin, Hilite, Ultra, Silent Grid, 1/4 Silk and 1/4 Grid for 6x and 8x's
  • Green Screen in all sizes
  • Duvy by roll w/advance notice
  • MSE Road Rags (2@) & Mini Grip Kit (great for DSLR Mounts)
  • Westcott Fast Flags
  • All Standard sizes 4x4 down to 12x16” in nets, silks, etc.
  • 4x Floppies 
  • 4x2 Floppies
  • Mini DIT Floppies (laptop sized) 
  • Scrim Jim, California Sunbounce & Shiny Boards in Silver, Soft Silver, Gold, Gold Silver, White, Black
  • CLRS the light bridge small system
  • Mirrors & Mirror boards in a variety of sizes.

Production Carts

  • Magliners (2 @  Sr. + 2 @  Jr.)
  • Magliner Video Assist/Sound Cart w/ optional 1500w inverter & marine battery
  • 2 @ Crash Carts (800lbs capacity)
  • 2 @ Taco Cart
  • 1 @ Combo Stand Cart
  • 1 @ C-Stand Cart 
  • 2 @ Gear Crate Cart (2@)
  • Beach Cart Yacht Type Folding (4@)

Expendables & Custom Things

  • Gels and Diffusion
  • Bullets & Gaffer Tape
  • Practical Edison/Mogul Lamps
  • HMI & Tungsten Bulbs
  • Paper China Balls
  • Dulling Spray
  • Sash & Trick Lines
  • Dust Off
  • Foam Core
  • Bead Board
  • Custom Lighting Enclosures for Reality Shows
  • We Fabricate in all materials

Additional Services

Hydroflex Underwater Lighting & Power


We are proud to be Mexico's provider of Hydroflex Underwater lighting with full offshore and cenote support systems. Backed with a custom Truss Cenote Bridge, Tents, and extensi ve selection of climbing and hauling gear, 4x4's, bespoke power generation systems & a killer espresso machine.

Riviera Maya Grip are the go to guys for National Geographic (NAIA, First Face of America, Explorer), BBC (alot), ZDF (Green Planet/Sleeping Giants) & GoPro's (Place of Fear), St. Thomas (Hurricanes).

Production & Crews


Producing & Crewing
RMG has a long history of all of the above for Hallmark Channel, BBC, Nat Geo (NAIA/First Face of America), MTV, Lime Pictures London (Geordie Shores), Armani, CB2, J. Crew, Whizz Kid (Ex on the Beach3), Corona and about 15 years more.

That's a bunch of high end hotel productions, commercials, reality shows, chasing hurricanes, chasing crocodiles, under the jungle in cenotes, catalog and fashion.

Full bi-lingual, seasoned Crews, HMU, DIT, Video Village, Sound, Camera, AC's, Transpo,  Catering and Art Department / Props. Drug and Drama free. 

Permitting & Locations


Permitting & Locations
We permit daily for film, stills and music events on local, state and national levels. INAH, CONANP, AMCINE/COMEFILMS, SEDETUR, TULUM and Beach Permits. There are ways to get it done right, keep your production safe - and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. 

From ancient ruins to Miami Vice Villas on secluded beaches.  Riviera Maya is coastal jungle and blue Caribbean vibes, Belize has 5 completely different geographic zones within 6 hours while the Yucatan has 400 years of architecture. 



We have teamed with Anzur Transportation for full service Pax vans including 12 Pax in Chevy, Ford, Toyota and Nissan plus Sprinter 16 and 24 Pax units. 

Leticia Fernandez is owner operator with all the right elements. Clean, professional, female crew friendly drivers, insurance and solid maintenance plans. 

Letty and Kimberly have been our preferred transpo provider for some 8 years now - features, realities, commercials and stills work - and we are very happy with the level of comfort and professionalism her drivers give our clients. 

The Studio at Puerto Morelos


The Studio is compact and comfortable. A 5x7meter (15xx21') white cyc with overhead grid and seamless hanger. To the side, a pre lit 7'x8' Green Screen, a 4'x8' Acrylic Product Table with overhead pantograph and a full size seamless wall. 

Ramp access to trucks and Fab Yard.

Dedicated Make Up and Wardrobe areas behind the Green Screen with power and good worklighting.   

The studio has a big couch, wifi, kitchenette, shower, washing machine, and a superlative Breville 870xl Barista  espresso machine.

The Fab Yard


Need to make Props? Build a Set? Our shop is stocked with Makita, Dewalt & Milwaukee. A large shop area with tools, tables, sawhorses, fans and plenty of power make work go fast. 

Located right beside the studio you can handle most all of your Carpentry, Paint, Welding and Plasma cutting needs. 

Two furniture upholsterers on opposite corners of the Studio block and a machine shop down the block on the left. 

We have a flatbed truck and access to larger for bigger projects. Your Art Department can build it here.

Support & Production Rentals


Support Vehicles

5'Leela' G3500e Savana Cargo Stretch Van. Racked and shelved, with T Track and great AC, moves about 2 tons of gear and does it very much in style.

1 Ton Chop Van 'Moche'. Designed for camera road work, Moche offers two decks, speed rail starters everywhere with air suspension. A geared down diesel 6.2 completes the package. Moche doubles as a mule to put generators anywhere.

4x4 Club Car. Beefed suspension, this is the ideal offroad mule for wicked terrain - ask Go Pro - or in hotel to pull a train of production carts to fast moving sets - or to move those sand bags, high rollers and coolers down the beach. 

4x4 Mitsubishi L200 Turbo Diesel 2017. A very comfortable way to drag a generator down the beach or mount the Steadi Op on the tailgate with a hard mount goal post and rip thru Merida. 

4x4 Toyota Extra Cab. 6" Lift, 30", 3/4 Ton. Ideal for getting down the beach or out in the jungle with tanks, support and clients.

9 Passenger Suburban turbo Diesel. The classic Classic with blue velor, sidewinder turbo on a 6.2 Liter. Lush 80's retro comfort with twin AC's and a view over the sea of taxis on HWY 180.

Production Trailers

DIT/HMU Trailer 'Camello'. The Camel is a 6x10' racked and Air Conditioned trailer with a solid roof top deck. Awnings keep you cool, while you have either 220v or 120v power from Honda or Set Generators. 

Production Workshop Trailer. This Haulmark 18' Toy Hauler is modified to serve as a complete workshop with air & power tools. Packed with the tools you need; Makita, Dewalt, Craftsman. Makes a great warehouse, too.

Production Rentals

  • Jiffy Steamers
  • Magliners
  • Beach Carts
  • Folding 'Yacht' Carts
  • Irons & Boards
  • Coathangers
  • Z Racks with Index
  • Folding Clothing Racks
  • Coolers
  • Radios
  • Mini Floppies for Monitors 
  • DIT B/W Flags
  • DIT Pop Up Tents
    Cheerful Delivery anywhere in the 'Zone'

ProFoto & Stills Support from Velvet Eye Mexico

  • 3 @ Profoto B4 Air Packs
  • 6 @ Heads 
  • Chimera & ProFoto Light Modifiers
  • California Sunbounce
  • Scrim Jim's
  • Changing Tubes
  • V Flats
  • Foldit Carts
    Cheerful Delivery anywhere in the 'Zone'

Payment Options

We accept Paypal, in situ Mastercard/Visa in Dollars or in Pesos on portable terminals, ABA/Swift/Clabe Wire Transfers. We are FATCA Compliant and we provide VAT/IVA Facturas from Mexico's SAT System. 

The Value of Local Knowledge

With 30 years in the market, the Riviera Maya Grip Team is ready to get behind your project and push. Smart, bl-lingual experts are here to make your project effective, enjoyable and complete. 

Our crew of experts in Lighting, Grip & Electric is ready to go. 

What We Do

Production Vehicles


One 8 Ton, Two 3.5 Tons & One 1 Ton Grip Trucks, Camera & 4x4 Specialty Vehicles, Run & Pax Vans, 4x4 All Terrain Golf Cart, HMU/DIT & Art Department Shop Trailer  - all in the Riviera Maya, ready to go with Insurance, Permits and SINTRA passes.

Lighting Rentals


HMI's: 18k to 200w, Jokers & Hydroflex
LED's: Sufa Bullets, Arri SkyPanels, Lupo Superpanels & LitePanel Go Kits from Bexel.
Kinos: All sizes from Flathead 80 to Micros + Encapsulights for Reality Shows
Tungstens: Maxibrutes to StickUps
Specialty Lights: Goya & Shadow

Grip Rentals


Full Grip including Trucks, Carts of all types, C-Stands to Crank-o-Vators, bags, boxes & flags: we have full lighting and camera support in our Puerto Morelos Shop. Plus Generators of all shapes and sizes and distro/cable out the whazoo. We are the only production electricians east of Mexico City! 


National Geographic 'NAIA' / PBS Nova First Face of America Project (Logistics/LG&E)

Surface and Underwater Lighting, Logistics and Support, Hoyo Negro Cenote, Mike Madden, Producer/UW Camera: "If you want it right, you get Riviera Maya Grip and Adair Crow." "Thank you... for your part in making this one of the greatest projects I’ve had the pleasure to work on. 

It is amazing what happens when you combine friendship and talent.

Chris Holder & Wiggie Andrews, Local Producers: "Fantastic, just fantastic."

National Geographic Explorer

TV, Series, Isla Blanca Ithsmus:
Phil Keoghan:, "Thank you for your professionalism, it was a relief for us to have a pro on hand". 

Rene Blanco, Riviera Maya Films: "Experienced, Hypercreative, Lightening fast". 

Sam Correia, Production Manager: Yours and your team’s contribution on Thursday was indispensable and very much appreciated so, thank you so very much for your hard work and very helpful and knowledgeable insight.

St. Thomas Productions: 'The Hurricane' Feature/ Canal 4 Series

Chasing Hurricanes across Southern Mexico with Red 3D Camera systems. 

Producers/LGE/Logistics/Permitting on 4 Year Feature Documentary + Canal 4 France TV  Series, Mexico Segments

Jacqueline Farmer, Andy Byatt & John Johnson, Exec. Producers/Segment Directors:

"We love you, you guys were fantastic."

Braun & Gillette: Photobomb

LG&E/Permitting in Sian Ka'an Biosphere Tulum for Still + Video Production for Braun and Gillette Shaving Systems, Johnny Patucchi, Producer: "You guys were just incredible. Thank you Riviera Maya Grip for all your multifaceted help."

Whizz Kid London

Local Producers, Fixers, Location Mangers plus all Lighting, Grip and Electric on 'Ex on the Beach 3', Akumal, Lisa McCormack, Producer: "The most fun I have ever had on a production"

Special Kudos to Israel Gonzalez for coming up with all those crazy clubs and a Lucha Libre training class.


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Professional Support for the Riviera Maya, Yucatan, Los Cabos, & Southern Mexico

We're 15 minutes from Cancun Int'l Airport. Come by and have an espresso while you check out your gear, the studio and our FabShop. 


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Saturdays & Sundays: By appointment

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