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Riviera Maya Grip: Lighting, Grip & Electric + Studio


Riviera Maya Grip: Lighting, Grip & Electric + Studio



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About Us

Adair and Noel


We rent, light, gaff, grip, invent, fix, produce, fabricate, permit and manage - and we have a pretty good idea when to lead, follow or get out of the way. Tight budget? Bring it, we will make it work.  Our clients include Netflix, Hallmark, BBC, ZDF, Paramount, Sony, Discovery, PBS/NOVA, Nat Geo, MTV, North6, H&M, Google and more. We are the only Studio and Fab shop east of Mexico City and the only professional provider of Lighting, Grip and Electric in the market.  Photo: Two really tired people complete fabbing out a trick changing booth for Chris Hensley on The Illusionists Tour. 

Lighting, GRIP & ELECTRIC: Here in our trucks, HERE in our studio

Sufabullet 800s and 12x overhead lighting underwater set in Cancun with Riviera Maya Grip

Cinemills Sufas, Arri Skypanels, Lupo Superpanels, Litepanels, HMIs from Jokers to Alpha's and massive Pro Grip & Electric rentals right here in Puerto Morelos. From a single C-Stand to an 8 Ton Package, we're ready. We have better than USA prices on state of the art equipment. -- On Gabo Head's U/W Set in Cancun.


Toh toting!  RMG has complete Production Rentals from Chairs to Z Racks and Hondas

Magliners, Tables, Z & Folding Racks, Coolers, Jiffy Steamers, Beach Carts, Pop Up Tents, Honda & Crawford Generators and Event Distro. We rent to big & little productions. -- Toh Andrews on the Set with Hallmark Productions.

What they say...

Motion: National Geographic: NAIA Project 2018

What: Surface and Hydroflex Underwater Lighting, Power Generation, Logistics and Support.  Hoyo Negro Cenote Tulum

Mike Madden, Exec. Producer & UW Camera, Nohoch Productions: 

"If you want it right, you get Riviera Maya Grip and Adair Crow... Thank you for your part in making this one of the greatest projects I’ve had the pleasure to work on. It is amazing what happens when you combine friendship and talent."

Rene Blanco, Riviera Maya Films: "Experienced, Hypercreative, Lightning fast". 


What: Lighting, Grip & Electric. Deep dry cenote in Muna, Yucatan for illumination, Green Screen Rigging in Merida w/Cirque du Soliel.

Chris Holder & Wiggie Andrews, Local Producers: "Fantastic, just fantastic."



What: Local Producers, Fixers, Local Production Company, Lighting, Grip, Electric, Transpo.


Lisa McCormack, Exec. Producer: "The most fun I have ever had on a production" 


What: Lighting, Grip & Electric, Generators, Dolly, Track and Dolly Grips on Isla Blanca.

Phil Keoghan:, "Thank you for your professionalism, it was a relief for us to have a pro on hand". 

Sam Correia, Production Manager: "Yours and your team’s contribution on Thursday was indispensable and very much appreciated so, thank you so very much for your hard work and very helpful and knowledgeable insight."

Stills+Motion: Braun/Gillette Photobomb WOrldwide 2018

What: Permitting, Logistics, Lighting Grip and Electric for Stills and Motion, Denise Shenton Productions.

Johnny Pascucchi, Exec. Producer: "You guys were just incredible. Thank you Riviera Maya Grip for all your multifaceted help." 

STILLS: Cayuna Jan 2019 for Vanilla Productions CDMX

What: Lighting for Stills, Fashion/Product

Stefano Ortega, 1st: " Adair thank you so much for your professionalism and company! It was great to meet you and get to work with you, I hope there will be more soon!"

Arno Frugier, Photog.: "You guys were amazing!"

Stills: CAYUNA JAN 2019 For Vanill Productions

What: Support, rigging and lighting for Product photography.

Naoko Kakuta, Photog: I didn't expect to find such a nice equipment service in Merida, and it was so nice to have you there! I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for rental gear in Mexico.

ibieroStar, Jose Taltavull

Alfred Fouz, Exec Producer:

... Thanx very much for helping me getting this job done... very GOOD JOB!

Assi EL hallani

Imad Rhayem, DP: We really clicked! Let's do this again sometime!

Adel, Director: Thank you, you did a great job. Was pleasure working with you and your wife! 

NATional GEographic: MERMAIDs against plastic documentary

Alex D. Levin, DP/AP: Awesome - thanks again! Click for Link 

Lighting, Grip, Electric & Power Generation

Pro Led Lighting


  • Arri Skypanels in s120 and s60
  • Lupo SuperColor rgbW s30's
  • Cinemills Sufa Bullet 800's (4k HMI Par equivalent)
  • Lupo SuperPanels bicolor(400w Joker equivalents), 
  • LitePanel 1x1's, 
  • LED Lekos and more. 
  • Rosco Litepads
  • MacTech Kino BiColor LED's
  • SumoSpace BiColor w Dome and Target

HMI Lighting


  • K5600's Alpha 18k/12k w/modified Powergems ballast at 300hz for 18/12/9/6k LTM and Arri Fixtures
  • MR, LTM, DN Labs & Desisti 6k's 
  • Cinemills and Desisiti 4k's/2.5k's
  • Desisti & Joker 1.2k's
  • Joker 800w & 400w w/Joleko adapters
  • Pocket Pars
  • Goyas en 4k & 2.5k

Tungsten & Kino


  • Tungstens in 10k, 5k, 2k, 1k, 650w, 400w, 150w, in LTM, Arri & Desisti
  • 1k Par & 5-lite Maxibrutes, 100A & 60A, 1k & 650w Dimmers 
  • Kino Flathead 80 w/Power Gems Ballasts
  • Kino FatMen, SkinnyMen, Fat Boys & Skinny Boys
  • Kino Interview Kit
  • LED MacTec Interview Kit
  • LED MacTec Gaffer Kit
  • Full selection tubes, dimmers

Standage & Support


  • 40 & 20" C Stands Built
  • Combos & Jr's
  • Premie Combos & Jr's
  • Med. & Hi Rollers
  • Hi & Hi Hi Walkers
  • Baby Pin & Kit
  • Manfrotto for Stills
  • Minvators & CrankoVators
  • Beach C Stand & Combos

Lighting Control


  • 20x20', Silk, China Silk, Solids, Green
  • 12x's, 8x's, 6x's in Silk, China, 1/4 Silk, Single/Double Net, U/Bounce, Griffy, Silver Lame, Grid, 1/4 Grid, Silent Grid, 1/2 Soft Frost, HiLite & Green Screen
  • 12x Digi White & Chroma Blue
  • Seamless for Stills
  • Flags, Floppies, Martinis
  • Single/Double & Silk Open Ends



  • Large selection of "A", Gaffer, Gator & Super Clamps
  • Trombones & Offsets
  • Triple and Double Headers
  • Wall Hangers & Busters
  • Baby Plates & Jr. Reciever Plates
  • Trapeeze(i)
  • MSE & Canvas Grip Sand Bags
  • Full and Mini Monster Apples



  • 1000' of 4/0 5 wide
  • 1000' of banded
  • 1000' of Bates 100A
  • 1000' of Bates 60A
  • MSE, MR and American Distro
  • Lunch and Snack Boxes
  • GFCI's and Big Dimmers
  • Adair is an electrician



  • We design and build for Film, Stills, Stage and Events. 
  • Riviera Maya Grip uses certified riggers to make the more difficult happen safely. 
  • Trusted by clients from ZDF to Cloud9 to National Geographic to BBC.
  • We know how to safely rig Cenotes for support, diving and illumination.



  • Mack MS3 Truck Based Crawford 800A 125kw three phase generator. Super compact, quiet and manuverable at 18'. 
  • Honda eu6500i w/jewelry
  • Honda eu2000i's
  • Yamaha Diesel 3 phase Base Camp
  • Tow In Generators from 60A to 250A
  • Full compliment of Cable & Distro
  • Professional Smart Crew

Camera Support


  • ABC-CRANE 6meter/18' SPEEDY 6 w/Varizoom Remote Head. attachment for Ronin M. 
  • Trovato 36" Jib
  • MSE Doorway Dolly modified to carry Dana Dolly on push bars
  • Egripment Dinky Dolly
  • Bazookas, Risers & Offsets
  • Seats & Wings
  • Panavision Moy & Panther Track
  • Straight & Curves
  • Dana Dolly w/4' & 9' Tubes



  • Director's Chairs
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Turnkey Production Office
  • High Speed Script Printers
  • Office Printers
  • Tabloid Extra Scanner/Printer
  • Espresso Machine
  • Water dispenser
  • Coolers from teeny to cadaver size. 
  • Beach Carts
  • Magliners
  • Transpo Vans
  • Campers & Work Trailers on Req.

The Trucks, etc.

LED STILLS/Digi VAN 'Lucy' 2.5 Ton


Lucy is a slimmed down digital package with all our LED's on board or customized for Stills Production as you like. Good looking, fast and fits in a standard van slot. Honda's and all the trimmings. 

Click for more...

3.5 Ton Grip PKG 'Bender'


Bender is our classic 3.5 Ton Grip package with jockey boxes, packed with everything you need for that 4-7 day hotel or segment shoot. Some stills productions use Bender for versatility and access to quick solutions on shoots. 

Click for more...

1 Ton Cargo and Trailer 'Leela'


Leela is racked and packed with the basics: C-Stands & Combos, Flags, Bags, Boxes, Stingers and space for Strobes/Lighting/Cameras. Towing our 6x10 DIT Trailer (Solar + Gennie with AC with bounce, bead board and v-flats. 

Click for more...

'Chato' 8 Ton Package


Chato, a Volvo FE6 with a sleeper is the on the road choice for Feature and bigger commercial production. This 8 Ton package is customized to your needs. 

Click for more...

'Moche', Camera and Utility Truck


Air suspension, a 5.7l diesel with trays, speedrail starters and lots of attachment points most recently rigged for the ZTao Beggar video where Steve Bagnara chased a Ferrari 308GTB around a track all day. Click for more...

OFF Road Transpo


We are blessed with lots of dirt roads, way off the track cenotes and locations. We appreciate them with two PFT's:  a Toyota Xtra Cab 4x4 and a Mitsubishi Turbo Diesel L200 4x4. There's also a Club Car XRT 1550. Click for more...

Additional Services

Permitting & Locations


We permit daily for film, stills and music events on local, state and national levels. INAH, CONANP, AMCINE/COMEFILMS, SEDETUR, TULUM and Beach Permits. There are ways to get it done right, keep your production safe - and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. 

     From ancient ruins to Miami Vice Villas on secluded beaches. The Riviera Maya is coastal jungle and blue Caribbean vibes, Head west from Cancun - the Yucatan has 400 years of architecture ready for you. Go even further and Los Cabos and Mexico's west coast with classic structures and Pacific waves. South of Cancun, Belize has 5 completely different geographic zones within 6 hours. 

WHO's & CRews


RMG has a long history with Netflix, Amazon, Sony, Hallmark Channel, BBC, Nat Geo (NAIA/First Face of America), MTV, Lime Pictures London (Geordie Shores), Armani, CB2, J. Crew, Whizz Kid (Ex on the Beach3), Corona and about 15 years more clients. 

     That's a bunch of high end hotel productions, commercials, reality shows, chasing hurricanes, chasing crocodiles, under the jungle in cenotes, catalog and fashion.

     Full bi-lingual, seasoned Crews, HMU, DIT, Video Village, Sound, Camera, AC's, Transpo, Drone, Catering and Art Department + Props. Our Crews are Drug and Drama free which is important in this market. 



We have teamed with Anzur Transportation for full service Pax vans including 12 Pax in Chevy, Ford, Toyota and Nissan plus Sprinter 16 and 24 Pax units. 

     Leticia Fernandez is owner operator with all the right elements. Clean, professional, female crew friendly drivers, insurance and solid maintenance plans. 

   Letty and Kimberly have been our preferred transpo provider for some 8 years now - features, realities, commercials and stills work - and we are very happy with the level of comfort and professionalism her drivers give our clients. 

THE STUDIO at Puerto Morelos


The Studio is compact and comfortable. A 5x7meter (15xx21') white cyc with overhead grid and seamless hanger. To the side, a pre lit 7'x8' Green Screen, a 4'x8' Acrylic Product Table with overhead pantograph and a full size seamless wall. 

Ramp access to trucks and Fab Yard.

     Dedicated Make Up and Wardrobe areas behind the Green Screen with power and good work lighting.   

     The studio has a big couch, wifi, kitchenette, shower, washing machine, and a superlative Breville 870xl Barista  espresso machine.

The Fab yard at Puerto Morelos


Need to make Props? Build a Set? Our shop is stocked with Makita, Dewalt & Milwaukee. A large shop area with tools, tables, sawhorses, fans and plenty of power make work go fast. 

     Located right beside the studio you can handle most all of your Carpentry, Paint, Welding and Plasma cutting needs. 

Two furniture upholsterers on opposite corners of the Studio block and a machine shop down the block on the left. 

   We have a flatbed truck and access to larger for bigger projects. Your Art Department can build it here.



The wheel is especially amazing when you are humping gear down a beach or a mile long hotel track. Thus: 

  • Magliners (2 @  Sr. + 2 @  Jr.)
  • Magliner Video Assist/Sound Cart w/ optional 1500w inverter & marine battery
  • Rock 'n Roller Cart
  • 2 @ Crash Carts (800lbs capacity)
  • 2 @ Taco Cart
  • 1 @ Combo Stand Cart
  • 1 @ C-Stand Cart 
  • 2 @ Gear Crate Cart (2@)
  • Beach Cart Yacht Type Folding (4@)


Contact Us

New lower Pricing for 2019

The market is changing and budgets are  pinched like never before. We've got a solution - as owner operators we can get you the gear you want at prices you can afford. Tell us the numbers you want to hit - and we will make it happen. It's that simple.

We're 15 minutes from Cancun Int'l Airport. Come by and have an espresso while you check out your gear, the studio and our FabShop. 


Calle Almendro, Col. Joaquin Zetina Gasca, Puerto Morelos

Mobile : + 52 1 998 168 9875


Monday - Friday: 0800 - 1800hrs

Saturdays & Sundays: By appointment

Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Paypal Accepted

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