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Hi! We're Riviera Maya Grip, the only provider of Lighting, Grip & Electric east of Mexico City. Our base is in Puerto Morelos, right between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. A bit shy of an hour run to Tulum. The studio, grip house, fabrication shop, and trucks are right here as is all of the gear on this site. If you'd like to keep updated on what we're doing, the blog: https://rivieramayagrip.wordpress.com/


Our Services:

Lighting, Grip & Electric Rentals

Support for Stills, including Profoto

Power Generation and Cabling for Film and Events

Crews: The Best of the Best!

Prop Shop: Paint, Fabrication, Welding and Machining

Camera Rentals (both local and Mexico City)

Cranes, Scorpion & Fischer Dollies & Sliders from CTT

Locations and Permitting, Prep for ATA Carnet

Transpo and Cargo

Local Producers (preferring difficult to very challenging production)

Gateway to Belize and Honduras


Coverage: From the Yucatan Peninsula west to Palenque and south to Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. Our aliances with CTT Rentals Mexico City and Tato Flores' ProductionServices.mx means you can get get a Scorpion 30'+7' or an Alexa when you want, where you want at the price you want. Crispin Barbosa just dropped a bunch of Cine and Event Gennies at our shop, and added 1000' feet of 2/0 to our existing 1000' of 2/0 and 4/0. Many, many producers and 'grip' companies here say they 'have' equipment in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Merida, etc., but pretty much everytime they're renting it from us.


D. Adair Crow, Local Producer/Gaffer & Maria Noel Zisa Crow, Admin are RMG's Owner/Operators. We are really, really proud of our crew: Sebastian 'Juancito' Gonzalez is RMG's Key & Dolly Grip, Efrain Cervera is Grip/Utility, Gary Edgar Hernandez is our Grip Trainee, Israel Gonzalez (now a partner, too) is our Locations and Permissions Maven and sometimes UPM. We look to Carlos Valdez at DumDum Audio for great location sound and Ilka Monforte & Carolina Bellavista for Hair/Makeup. Catering from Belly Dancer is terrific, too.


Our 3000 square foot studio (cleverly named The Studio at Puerto Morelos) and warehouse are located between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, close to Tulum, the airport and the toll road to Merida and the Yucatan. More on the studio via this link. Let us stress again that we have equipment and trucks physically here. We have a professional, bi-lingual crew physically here. We know the in's and out's of beach and luxury hotels, feature, fashion, commercial, music videos and documentaries, jungles, cenotes and the Caribbean. Riviera Maya Grip's principals have a combined 53 years on the ground in the Mexican Caribbean.


What we have:

Grip Trucks: Volvo FE6 8 Ton w/ lift and jockey boxes, GMC G3500HD 3.5 Ton with ramp and jockey boxes, GMC G3500 Extended Cargo 1 Ton Run Van, GMC G3500 1 Ton Camera/Tow Van, GMC R1500 9 Pax Diesel Suburban, 15' Toy Hauler Trailer with Ramp and modular interior, a complete jungle base camp and a 4x4 Club Car XT with a trailer. All of our production carts have tow bars. It's like a little LGE train!


Lighting: HMI's from 12k to 200w, Tungsten from 10k to Peppers + MaxiBrutes and Mini Brutes, Kinos from 6 Banks to Micros and Rosco Light Panels.


Grippage: Crankovators, Chain Cranks, Mombos, Jr.s, Combos, C-Stands, Kit Stands, Car Mounts, Truss, Chain Motors, Sandbags, Boxes, Flags, Taco, Crate, Bag and Cable Carts. Also a portable dock/bridge for Cenote work in a LE and a HD version.


Power: Deutz AirCooled CineGennie 117kva, Woodward Controlled, Honda eu6500i w/breakout to Bates 60A, GFI Edisons and Camlock, Honda eu2000i's with sand shoes. Bates 100A, 60A, 4/0, 2/0, 5 wire #6 Anacondas. Over 1000' of wire plus another 1000' of stingers. Plus we now have Crispin's gennies from Mexico City: 50, 60, 80, 125 and 255kw cine and event gennies.


Stills Support: Profoto 7b's, Profoto Air Packs, Z Racks, Jiffy Steamers, Clothes Hangers, Tables, Chairs, Coolers, Pop Up Tents, little and not so little Honda Inverter Generators and Sand/Fold It Carts.


What we do:

We do LG&E, Locations & Permitting, Crewing and if you need, we'll get more involved up to 'turn-key' producing. Alexa Camera Packages from CTT or more than a single 10 Ton. Going to Mexico City? Our colleague Tato Flores covers Mexico City in its vastness along with his Epic Dragon and access to even more camera gear.


Adair was the local producer for Ex on the Beach 3, 8 unforgettable weeks of MTV's Geordie Shores and 4 years of the Discover Channel Hurricane Series and Documentary Feature and many others. We like difficult and challenging.


We backed Mike Madden on his National Geographic PBS/NOVA Documentary 'NAIA', powering over 9000' of Hydroflex terminating in 8 1200w HMI's at 70 meters and 6 tungsten par 1k and 650's at similar depth. And equally importantly, making espresso. Kudos to Mike and Lara, and UW Rigger Sam Meacham and the Zero Gravity Guys.


We rigged and powered the Johnnie Walker Blue commercial for Anomoly with Guillame Nerys in 'The Pit' Cenote. Then we went and shot a bunch of luxury hotel videos, a series of political ads and a bunch of commercials while the mosquito bites healed. We stay busy, we love what we do and we are so very fortunate to work with people that are as obsessed as we are.


A semi-current Client List is here.


The Studio at Puerto Morelos, all 3000 square foot white and green corner cyc'ed, has a full grid, big power, product table with pantographs for those hensels or profotos, make up and wardrobe rooms and a little client nook. Big wifi, and yet another espresso machine round out your in studio experience.


Chunga Laboratories Update:
Chunga Labs makes production equipment for very narrow practical applications. There's a full shop outside for set carpentry, painting, etc. and we've a full welding set up along with a machine shop on the corner and a brilliant Engineer with a Mig/Tig Rig a couple of blocks down the street.


Inspired by Gaffing 'NAIA' for Nat Geo deep in the jungle, we built a Cenote Dock/Bridge. Fabbed from 15" Stage Truss, the rig works as a dock or a bridge in sections fro 10' to 40'. It supports a ton and a half, and features all kinds of options - manual or motorized winch, petzl, rock exotica and black diamond hardware, hanging lights, ventilation, maybe a PlayStation for the Dockmaster - and there is a 30' ladder to a floating dock with cave wall stand offs for stability. And of course, there's a Unimog to move it and the base camp tents and generators and that bright red espresso machine.


Getting out of the country:
If you are interested in Belize, we can get you in and out with a minimum of stress. We are proud partners with Belize's Film Works and Fer de Lance Productions and an active booster of the Belize Ministery of Film. We are Riviera Maya Grip Belize as registered Belizean company and have done more SyFy Channel Creature Features there than... never mind.
If you are interested in Guatemala and Honduras, we've worked there, too, though that is a bit more complicated. We lit Rob Goldie's amazing film work for Nat Geo's 'Global Warming' and 'Fall of the Mayan Kings' in Honduras during the military junta. If you're looking for a crew that thrives on challenge, look no further.

National Geographic and NAIA Production


National Geographic/NOVA/PBS/INAH Raising NAIA from Hoyo Negro
Cenote with Nigel, Adair & Greg


RMG Beach Lighting


Arr@ba International for AM Resorts Campfire Tales. Roberto manning the 2k China Ball so that it doesn't become a modern quintain.



Car Mount

Crew on the Cyc: l-r, Noel, Adair, Bob, Sebastian, Gabo

all the toys

Rigging Profoto 8's over a cenote for Johnnie Walker Blue.

8 Ton and 3.6 Ton Grip Trucks

The 8 Ton and the 3.5 Ton nose to nose...

Tow & Camera Van with 3.5 Ton

Camera and Tow Van and 3.5 Ton Shootin' Politicals in Cancun

Tow Van in the Jungle

Tooled up in the Jungle with the 500A CineGennie and a Honda eu6500i

Deutz CineGenset

Moche Van with the Deutz Air Cooled 500A CineGennie



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